Over the past two years, I've had the pleasure of working with WILIM Media House as a freelance Production Coordinator on various productions/commercials. You can view a list of these projects below, in addition to an overview of my role. To see a selection of these works, visit wilim.co
• Providing pre-production and on-set support for corporate commercials (both animated and live). 
• Liaising with agencies, clients, vendors and creative teams to efficiently execute deliverables.
• Sourcing and booking crew, catering, studio space and rentals, including the creation of accompanying paperwork like deal memos.
• Creating and disseminating call sheets and schedules.

List of Productions
• Production Coordinator / KFC x Ruffles 
• Production Coordinator / Morgan Stanley // CNN
• Production Coordinator / RiceSelect - Chef's Touch
• Production Manager / RBC - Newcomer's Advantage
• Production Coordinator / Remax - Unfair Advantage 

• Production Manager / Crown Royal - Peach
• Production Coordinator / Mucho Burrito - Bursting Flavour
• Covid Coordinator / TD & Blue Jays - MVP Spotlight
• Production Assistant / Western Lecture Series
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